Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to teach the world to feed itself. Why send food to countries like Somalia or Haiti for a temporary solution? AGI farming systems will feed these countries inexpensively and permanently using Aeroponic Technologies. The benefits of AGI systems are a soilless system that will provide higher crop yields and no need for crop rotations. Our systems control water PH, PPM, TDS and temperature. Our system will minimize overhead by recycling all water and nutrients and by using Ocean Solutions fertilizers we will provide 100% organic crops. Because Aeroponic farming grows vertically we can grow in one acre what standard farming would grow in ten acres. Also with our LED lighting systems we can grow year round, indoors and anywhere in the world. AGI manufactures systems for residential and commercial farming and thru our web site farmers will have access to in house farmers, crop monitoring systems, and a forum to discuss with other farmers how to best use all of our equipment.