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Image Giving a leaf of stevia to hand to a student to taste during a demonstration of the company's solar-powered, aeroponic tower. The tower, which can hold up to 30 plants a ring, is being donated as part of a pilot program with the school.

The Learning Center

The AGI Learning Center is located in Hobe Sound, FL near the entrance of Palm Beach’s Jupiter Island. The Learning Center is the headquarters for AGI and offers a place for us and others to experience Aeroponics Growing Systems and what they are capable of. The Learning Center is open to the public not only to visit and learn about Aeroponics, but also to teach us what you as an Aeroponics gardener or farmer has experienced in your setting. Come see, touch, smell and taste the incredible things that are happening here.

The Teachable Moment

Come join our forum called The Teachable Moment. This is where we share our stories, pictures and videos about our experiences growing with AGI’s Aeroponic Systems. Gardeners, growers, farmers…all are welcome! We encourage all of our growing community to join us here to teach and learn. We can all help each other become self sustainable in growing nutrient rich, 100% natural, totally organic food.